Wednesday, December 07, 2005

80s Prom. Hot Pot. Rotating sushi table. Santa Baby.

Recollection of last weekend's events...

Went out with Jen to a 80s prom. Quite silly and fun. This band called Fantasy played all 80s music. This reminded me of 80s was such a happy times. To most people, it's their high school, to me it's my childhood. I recognized some songs, coz' I was still in Hong Kong during that time. But definitely fun times.

Hot pot with the grade school gang. It's kinda pack but I guess it's worth it, coz' its' the real thing from HK.

Went to Mochizuki, a Japanese restaurant with rotating sushi table. Grab what you like and pay after. It's kinda cute. Paul and I were trying to stack the plates up to the ceiling. Also tried the really sweet Sake, it's not clear kinda milky white. I don't usually like sake, but the one we had were kinda nice.

Bought a ribbon door bell and a singing tree with high heels that sings "Santa Baby". Now it feels like Christmas in my lilypad.

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