Friday, December 23, 2005

Pre-holiday reflection

So in a week or so will be 2006. I set my year of 2004 as my vacation year. I wanted it to be a breather year so I can refocus the purpose of my life and chill and enjoy.

So what about 2005? I think I gained a lot of new experiences.

• Tried Snowboarding - stilll need tons of practice
• Visited Kyoto, Osaka and Shanghai
• Tried Lavalife
• Joined Dragonboat team
• Won 2 medals first time ever in life
• Tried volleyball
• Did first TV commercial
• Went to to film fest and saw Michel Gondry in person
• Went to 1st time fashion show
• Dated 2 white guys
• Learnt the art of move on quick
• Learnt the great love of self

I am yet to draft up my to-do list for 2006... still have few days to ponder upon.

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