Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Speaking of films...

I am thinking of my lifetime top ten so far:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
simple idea that everyone who loved and has lost love can relate to, brilliant writing that is flawlessly executed, I really admire the oringinality of the Director's way to portray how past memories work in our brains, they work in the most non-linear way and creep out to catch you in the middle of no-where.
2. Amelie
A feel-good movie that is not preachy, yet warm, imaginative and just pure memorable
3. Old Boy
One of the few truly mind-twisting yet extremely original movie that I could never forget I watched it, beautifully art directed.
4. A.I.
I actually cried when I saw it, there's something about this movie which touches on the selfishness of human made me think...
5. Memento
A play of time and space that makes you want to just watch it again and again to figure how did he do it.
6. American Beauty
Dark and ironic yet true - like life. Same guy who does "Six Feet Under" - Alan Ball.
7. Pulp Fiction
No need to explain just cool and unforgettable.
8. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
A very zen and meditative movie that got me thinking the cycles of life.
9. Chung King Express
The best of Kar-Wai Wong in my personal opinion.
10. Before Sunset/Sunrise
I never thought of a movie could only be made of 1 conversation from start to finish yet, I didn't get bored of it.
The conversation was so deep and intriguing that if that happens to me I would fall in love with that person 100%.
11. Bitter Moon
It's not the most well-executed movie in terms of art direction, production budget etc, yet the story depicts the simple idea of how when love ends, the extreme of jealousy takes over and vice versa. Just very powerful movie that makes me think.
12. Punch Drunk Love
Adam Sandler was so cool in it. It's alternative love story that is equally sweet but not in the formula of the typical Hollywood movies.

TV work is awesome!

The past week was quite an adventure for me, as I was at my first ever TV production. We were on-location at a house near the Bayview and York Mills areas. Quite a nice house. At the set, I have the chance to see how the Director work with the actors and actresses. It's quite an experience. And just so many factors come into play, like the use of camera angles, lighting, the acting etc... The shoot itself is simple yet to get the perfect take, it takes time and lot of energy to get the best composed frame and acting.

On the next day for the rushes, the Director Mark, he invited us to a really cool spot called The Spoke Club. It is hidden in the building where the Amsterdam Brewing Co. is located. Great food, great conversation. I also admire the fact that Directors have the passion and visions to produce great movies and commercials. It takes a lot of talents and tenacity to make to that level. And just this experience that I was involved in the TV made me wonder how would it be like to be a Director. It's probably a crazy day dream of me... but if I ever could do a movie, I want to do something like Michael Moore, whose works would say something to challenge how people think.

On that same note, I was browsing the film fest lineup, I found this movie called "Workingman's Deaths" by Michael Glawogger, very interesting. It's about some of the most dangerous labour work you could ever imagined, which you would think they would be replaced by machines, given we have evolved so much technologically. Yet, the reality is, some people are still risking their lives by just making a living everyday. I am still yet to watch this film, but just looking at the description, I can imagine it's one of those movies that would make me appreciate more about what I already have and truly be gracious and not critical about my status quo.

Fancy wedding

Ice sculpture with Martini passed through
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Was at Dagmar's wedding last sunday. It's the most extravagant wedding I have ever been to. This ice sculpture is one of the many cool things to wow the guests there, the other stuff would include oyster bar, chocolate fountain, polish dancers and a 8-course dinner. I was stuffed for the next 3 days and could still remember the taste of the 3 martinis I had. Well, of course I will remember that's my friend's wedding as well. (phew...)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

5 Doors North

What a neat little cozy restaurant... we went there for Matt's go away sort-of. I had lamb chops (what else, when it's on the menu) it's so nice to go out in the middle of the week and a nice dinner makes the week seems shorter. Seeing people leave makes me sad. :-(

Little dark cloud would be above my head for a while.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Another note on food...
Had an awesome night @ Lobby. I have always thought it's cool spot for lounging and drinks, yet its menu for dinner was AMAZING!! I had the best corn chowder and seared tunas ever. Coupled with some white wine from Chile, that was an awesome awesome night. Thanks for a very generous anonymous patron's support for the night! :-)

The Motorcycle Diaries and Chocolate Souffle

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Watched "The Motorcyle Diaries", quite an interesting story, I didn't realized it's about a real-life story of the Cuban leader Che Guevara. The idea of "let the world change you and then you change the world" is powerful. This idea got me thinking about the possibility of the new and improved self could be beneficial to the world some day.

On a totally unrelated subject, I had the best chocolate souffle ever at MBCo. My new to-cook list would include making this heavenly invention at home. um...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Photo of the day

PHSH '05
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Hello is anyone there...

I was biting my first-time ever medal...

My face was twisted
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in Montreal Dragonboat Fest. Kudos to my fellow teammates!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Went to my Truffles the restaurant @ 4 Seasons today. It's a place I always wanted to go and to die for... turn out, not the best, but didn't knocked my socks either. Did have amazing conversation with Cindy though. A boyless date at a great restaurant with good food, wine and ambience is all I can ask for for a perfect, summer Tuesday night.

um the taste of the gapachzo still kinda lingers... susur is the next on my gourmet scouting checklist.