Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Leafs vs. Devil

Went to a hockey game tonight. Wow! It's addictive. Now I see why people pay this much money to see a real game. Rob was nice enough to treat me. It's like $187 per tix. Felt a little bad after seeing the price. ;-P

After all great game - leafs won 2-1, so that's good. Went to Bier Market after, interesting hang out place... since at least 2 years ago - I haven't been to the area. I got nostalgic since the Esplanade was where my first agency was. I used to walk to work from Go Station every day 4 years ago.

Now after 2 days at the Blue, I really need to put my snowboarding attitude into practice, when it comes to life situations: when you fall, GET UP! That's what I like about it. Also - poker teaches me life lesson too... you never if you have a bad or good hands until the end. That sums up all :-)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Pre-holiday reflection

So in a week or so will be 2006. I set my year of 2004 as my vacation year. I wanted it to be a breather year so I can refocus the purpose of my life and chill and enjoy.

So what about 2005? I think I gained a lot of new experiences.

• Tried Snowboarding - stilll need tons of practice
• Visited Kyoto, Osaka and Shanghai
• Tried Lavalife
• Joined Dragonboat team
• Won 2 medals first time ever in life
• Tried volleyball
• Did first TV commercial
• Went to to film fest and saw Michel Gondry in person
• Went to 1st time fashion show
• Dated 2 white guys
• Learnt the art of move on quick
• Learnt the great love of self

I am yet to draft up my to-do list for 2006... still have few days to ponder upon.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I luv Ad Guy

Luv this video. Classic for those who are in advertising.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

80s Prom. Hot Pot. Rotating sushi table. Santa Baby.

Recollection of last weekend's events...

Went out with Jen to a 80s prom. Quite silly and fun. This band called Fantasy played all 80s music. This reminded me of 80s was such a happy times. To most people, it's their high school, to me it's my childhood. I recognized some songs, coz' I was still in Hong Kong during that time. But definitely fun times.

Hot pot with the grade school gang. It's kinda pack but I guess it's worth it, coz' its' the real thing from HK.

Went to Mochizuki, a Japanese restaurant with rotating sushi table. Grab what you like and pay after. It's kinda cute. Paul and I were trying to stack the plates up to the ceiling. Also tried the really sweet Sake, it's not clear kinda milky white. I don't usually like sake, but the one we had were kinda nice.

Bought a ribbon door bell and a singing tree with high heels that sings "Santa Baby". Now it feels like Christmas in my lilypad.