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Coolest find for my obsession with Chalkboards

Other than black and green. Now you can paint your wall into a chalkboard in any colours. Brilliant. Literally.

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A Manifesto on Interactive Advertising Creativity

It's an old article - I missed it but it's well written and thought-provoking.

It talks about how in digital space - there isn't any memorable campaign that you could name. And the extension of the direct marketing culture drives response that lives on and carry forward to a lot of the online media marketing we do.

I love the analysis and insights the author provides to argue we need to bring back creativity to make campaigns that evoke human emotion.

I always believe in compelling creative are the ones that you make an emotion connection with. It hard to turn a bad idea into a good idea by executing it well. That's why it's important to get the project in to right strategic direction and plentiful of time to think and rethink on an idea before going into execution. Idea always come first. A beautiful design without a concept is just wallpaper.

In conclusion, the author urges agencies/publishers to:

1. Motivate greatness among your best creative people, for their work inspires consumers and customers alike.

2. Collaborate - creative agencies and publishers - with each other and within yourselves to develop outstanding advertising and communications products.

3. Assemble writers, designers, and technologists into teams that can engage the intellect and emotions of audiences and individuals across all channels, toward the goal of creating enduring brands.

4. Prove to your customers that causing the heart to beat quick is at least as important as making the mouse click.

Pursuing the art of persuasion is what I am passionate about - and it's an art form that easy to be learnt, yet never to be mastered.

"Let's return to a time when advertising and media conversation was owned by the creatives, the editors, and the impresarios -- when it was dominated by debates about the craft of persuasion, about what moves people. After all, isn't that the reason we're in this business?"