Thursday, June 25, 2009

Team Guitar Hero

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We got the winning idea for Stand Up 2 Cancer to advertise in Guitar Hero game for xbox. And each of us got an xbox too!!!!

"Three teams were pitched against each other at a real time campaign competition yesterday's two-hour Microsoft Gaming workshop. Team Guitar Hero, Team Lips and Team Halo each had to create a campaign for Stand up to Cancer. The winning team was Guitar Hero (woot!), which devised a campaign whereby actor-singer Jack Black would record a song which gamers could play along and would also be available for download - spreading message and raising money at the same time."

Prize of sweet victory was Xbox 360!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Day 6 since baby's gone

Last night, Jakob and went to have a walk close by. We saw so many doggies. We both realized since you experienced some loss, you are extra sensitive to the surroundings. To my surprise, it doesn't hurt as much anymore, I could see them and touch them. Afterall, they are all good beings. I will still miss that little guy, becoz he's very special to me. But I can't be sad for too long, I have so many great friends want to cheer me up. There are flowers, prayers, people I don't usually hear from they went out of their way to reach out to me. Even the president of the company left me a message. I then realized this city if full of loving people. I am thankful for that. That adds to the 51st reasons why I love Toronto (Toronto Life listed 50).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Day 3 since Tiger's gone

It's rough. But I think I made some progress. I had a lovely walk with Jakob. He took me to Terroni. We had a lovely lunch. There were some setbacks when I saw some doggies on the street and it's really hard to not to think back the scene when I passed by Wellington. I had a nap, I didn't dreamt of him. When I woke up, Jakob said he had something to show me. It was few pictures of his coworker took. On those pictures, it was a rainbow that happened after the rain and sun. I was relieved. I thought that's the most comforting thing to see. I think Tiger must be on his way to heaven. Meeting Olli (Jakob's daschund dog passed long time ago). Tiger loves new friends, so he shouldn't be lonely. It's still hard for me not to see his face every day I woke up. For 3 years, first thing in the morning is his face, beside my bed. He loves to wake up seeing me. It's hard. But I think Tiger wants to see me happy. It's sad for him to see me cry. I will be strong and not to make him worry in heaven.