Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Leafs vs. Devil

Went to a hockey game tonight. Wow! It's addictive. Now I see why people pay this much money to see a real game. Rob was nice enough to treat me. It's like $187 per tix. Felt a little bad after seeing the price. ;-P

After all great game - leafs won 2-1, so that's good. Went to Bier Market after, interesting hang out place... since at least 2 years ago - I haven't been to the area. I got nostalgic since the Esplanade was where my first agency was. I used to walk to work from Go Station every day 4 years ago.

Now after 2 days at the Blue, I really need to put my snowboarding attitude into practice, when it comes to life situations: when you fall, GET UP! That's what I like about it. Also - poker teaches me life lesson too... you never if you have a bad or good hands until the end. That sums up all :-)

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