Wednesday, August 31, 2005

TV work is awesome!

The past week was quite an adventure for me, as I was at my first ever TV production. We were on-location at a house near the Bayview and York Mills areas. Quite a nice house. At the set, I have the chance to see how the Director work with the actors and actresses. It's quite an experience. And just so many factors come into play, like the use of camera angles, lighting, the acting etc... The shoot itself is simple yet to get the perfect take, it takes time and lot of energy to get the best composed frame and acting.

On the next day for the rushes, the Director Mark, he invited us to a really cool spot called The Spoke Club. It is hidden in the building where the Amsterdam Brewing Co. is located. Great food, great conversation. I also admire the fact that Directors have the passion and visions to produce great movies and commercials. It takes a lot of talents and tenacity to make to that level. And just this experience that I was involved in the TV made me wonder how would it be like to be a Director. It's probably a crazy day dream of me... but if I ever could do a movie, I want to do something like Michael Moore, whose works would say something to challenge how people think.

On that same note, I was browsing the film fest lineup, I found this movie called "Workingman's Deaths" by Michael Glawogger, very interesting. It's about some of the most dangerous labour work you could ever imagined, which you would think they would be replaced by machines, given we have evolved so much technologically. Yet, the reality is, some people are still risking their lives by just making a living everyday. I am still yet to watch this film, but just looking at the description, I can imagine it's one of those movies that would make me appreciate more about what I already have and truly be gracious and not critical about my status quo.

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