Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Speaking of films...

I am thinking of my lifetime top ten so far:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
simple idea that everyone who loved and has lost love can relate to, brilliant writing that is flawlessly executed, I really admire the oringinality of the Director's way to portray how past memories work in our brains, they work in the most non-linear way and creep out to catch you in the middle of no-where.
2. Amelie
A feel-good movie that is not preachy, yet warm, imaginative and just pure memorable
3. Old Boy
One of the few truly mind-twisting yet extremely original movie that I could never forget I watched it, beautifully art directed.
4. A.I.
I actually cried when I saw it, there's something about this movie which touches on the selfishness of human made me think...
5. Memento
A play of time and space that makes you want to just watch it again and again to figure how did he do it.
6. American Beauty
Dark and ironic yet true - like life. Same guy who does "Six Feet Under" - Alan Ball.
7. Pulp Fiction
No need to explain just cool and unforgettable.
8. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
A very zen and meditative movie that got me thinking the cycles of life.
9. Chung King Express
The best of Kar-Wai Wong in my personal opinion.
10. Before Sunset/Sunrise
I never thought of a movie could only be made of 1 conversation from start to finish yet, I didn't get bored of it.
The conversation was so deep and intriguing that if that happens to me I would fall in love with that person 100%.
11. Bitter Moon
It's not the most well-executed movie in terms of art direction, production budget etc, yet the story depicts the simple idea of how when love ends, the extreme of jealousy takes over and vice versa. Just very powerful movie that makes me think.
12. Punch Drunk Love
Adam Sandler was so cool in it. It's alternative love story that is equally sweet but not in the formula of the typical Hollywood movies.

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