Friday, May 08, 2009

Boy. I can't sleep - still totally hyped! WE GOT GOLD BABY!

Other than this is the biggest surprise I had this year. I am happy because of these 5 reasons (in no particular order of importance):

#1 Our entries were not selected to be reimbursed.

#2 It's the 2nd time in a different category Interactive which is what I have much less experience in. TWICE - GOLD. TWICE - CANNES!

#3 I prove a lot of Simon Cowell's wrong, including bunch didn't think I am versatile enough to manage both medium.

#4 Last time, I wandered Southern France and Paris alone. This time round, I am a + 1 to Germany after Cannes with a man I love on his birthday!

#5 I am proud of myself and my partner pulling it all together despite we have been working 80 hr works weeks since New Year. And it's an unusual task for a producer to wear a writer's hat. Yet look - magic happens. How many producers can you name can write on demand to the EXACT word count max. 50 words, no more, no less to the requirement for the awards. I made him sweat/swear. A lot.

I feel a bit like Susan Boyle (Asian style) - altho I really hate her hair.

Given the awkward situation before the winning, I want to thank EVERYONE OF YOU out there - believe in me/us - helped me/us, verbally, spirtually support me/us. I know people never believe I remember when they helped, but I always keep it close my ♥. You know who you are for being kind/supportive when I most needed it.


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