Monday, October 24, 2005

L'oreal Fashion week. CN tower. Milton

Fri Oct 21
Had a really eventful weekend. Went to a fashion show, thanks to my friend Francis, who knows some designers there giving away free invites. I felt so short there with all the models hanging out there. It was really fun and I felt like a celeb to be on the seating area just comment them like those reporters I saw on Fashion TV. After we went to Crush Wine bar on King West and tasted some very fine Fois Gras, um... so good.

Sat Oct 22
On to sat morning, woke up at 5 am and did the CN Tower Stair climb with my friend Paul. It's the first time in my life doing something extreme like this. Pretty crazy. But I am glad I did it. My time was 36 mins. It wasn't very good compared to my friend's time, which is 15 mins! Crazy firefighter.

Sun Oct 23
Day trip in Milton. Paul showed me around of this small town. It's the 2nd time I have been here and I didn't realized Ontario has some very beautiful little hills. With the fall colours, I was so impressed with the scenery there. Too bad I left my camera phone somewhere, I don't have pics to prove it. But the picture kinda stamped in my memory and I might paint a pretty picture of it later.

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