Monday, May 09, 2005

Finally made it to the water...

Started my 1st dragonboat practice last sat. It was a whole lot of fun. Looking back 1 year ago, I could never imagine myself to be doing this. It's magical that dragonboat truly is a team thing, when all paddles hit the water at the same time, the boat just flys! It amazes me as it's so different from rowing. Last night before I went to bed, deep in my heart I felt so grateful that in the past year I have met so many great new friends and people. Everyone has been extremely nice and supportive to me. Those people probably have no idea what they have done to help this girl to find herself again. But I thank them with my greatest sincerity. I would like dragonboat to be only the 1 of many new things I will keep tackling on in 2005.

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